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Evolution Speed Track Club is a youth track club located in Orlando, Florida. Kids from ages 7 to 18 compete in both AAU and USATF sanctioned meets across the country. We are an organization that focuses on the development of student athletes in an environment that promotes self-esteem and confidence.

The mission of the club is to motivate the youth athlete to aspire to achieve leadership, self-discipline, sportsmanship, integrity and a sense of team work through the sport of track & field. As athletes develop both physically and academically, they are inspired to achieve their personal best.

We see our athletes achieve their personal goals through determination, discipline and enjoyment, with the strong support of their peers, family and community. The Track program is not about just running and athletic conditioning; rather, it is a training ground for our next generation of leaders. Team members learn the lessons that competition teaches. To realize any goal both on the athletic field and in life, they learn to combine self-discipline, training, perseverance and dedication; lessons that carry over into all aspects of their lives.

We have a great coaching staff of highly educated individuals who enjoy working with kids. We have gifts that we want to pass along to your child(ren) in order to assist them to become the best they can be on the track and in the classroom. Our program will teach life lessons to help our student athletes grow. This program is a great place to make new friends, travel outside of Orlando, Florida and prepare them for their future. We look forward to working with you.

Using Power Words for Mental Toughness

Try repeating these phrases to be mentally tough before your next event:

  • I stay positive and mentally tough no matter what happens
  • I project confidence and energy
  • Going fast feels effortless
  • I am in my element; I am fully engaged in my running
  • I am tuned into what I am doing each moment
  • I fully enjoy every part of my workout
  • I am physically relaxed and mentally focused
  • I am a strong, mentally tough runner

Set a Goal: Set a goal to beat your time each meet.

Pray for Strength: Faith and belief in God can provide motivation, strength and comfort. Prayer can also provide spiritual inspiration.

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